[Wave I & Wave II] B.U.X 2 SD S8500 & S8530 4.3 ROM – by Tigrouzen

Kernel B.U.X for SD 8500 & 8530

Rom 4.3

Goal : make Best User Xperience Wave I & II no more frustrated

If its first install :
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[ROM] [WAVE1|WAVE2] [07.03.2013] liteRemix XXLG1 v4.2.1 based on Hero355 and Nexus




Everything you need to start is included in the main archive. Arabic/Hebrew/Chinese/… users may try Sofienne’s work instead. Bonus stuff such as ringtones, wallpapers, application/widget installs, boot animations and boot images are included in the extended bonus package.
If you want Java apps in main menu check the MenuCFG folder (in extras) before full flashing!
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